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BringTech Services

Choose BringTech means to collaborate in an innovative way: in the Cloud.

Analysis and consultation


Deployment and Migration

Integration and Development

Training and support

BringTech creates digital solutions for companies, based on Microsoft technologies.

BringTech brings companies into the Cloud, by formulating strategies and implementing systems and platforms that help businesses and their employees to reorganise, communicate, collaborate, and perform.

BringTech Services


Identifying the business’ objectives and the needs of users.
Analysis of data to be migrated. Focus on strategy to be adopted, and the development timings. Strategy and governance. BringTech possesses the specialist knowledge and practical experience to create custom strategic roadmaps. With an eye always looking for new infrastructure and software as well as on IT governance innovations.


Proper configuration and customisation ensures a workable solution that is easy to manage and use, as well as user satisfaction. Once the platform has been planned and designed, BringTech consultants configure and customise it. SharePoint, for example, is a very open platform and allows BringTech’s development teams to quickly create components and custom applications. BringTech’s methodology is, first, to start with Microsoft technology.


Working with the client and talking to users who will use the platform is a key part of the process.
Definition of the steps to be taken, and when, is very important, as is the distribution of content.
The BringTech work teams support your company in the creation of the correct content for the platform, and configure it according to usability best practices.
Our consultants are also involved in graphics where required.


The construction of a new system is just the first step of the process.
It’s essential that everything works.
Testing and adoption by employees and partners is vital, as is security.
All systems and business solutions require ongoing support to ensure their stability and security.
BringTech offers a complete support service that includes periodic audits, management reports and site visits.
The BringTech Project Manager also maintains a strong relationship with the customer once the initial project ends.
BringTech will be your company’s partner forever.


The process is not complete if end-users do not use the solution.
Even at this stage, employees and associates are at the heart of BringTech’s work.
Testing and training: BringTech is also able to provide rock-solid support and help for users faced with the changes because it is important to help users understand the benefits.
BringTech’s training programs are always tailored to specific organisational needs.
The training can be focused on specific topics. It’s never standardised. It can be provided at your offices or online to individual users or workgroups.