Dynamics CRM

To improve corporate productivity

Microsoft Dynamics offers business solutions tailored to the needs of small, medium and large businesses in supporting the management of the entire organisation, including supply chain, procurement, human resources, financial and cooperation projects.
Microsoft Dynamics provides modern ERP solutions that support the latest trends in Cloud, Social and Mobility technologies, while integrating well with the systems already extant within the company. The rapid deployment and ease of use help ensure rapid adoption of the solution.
Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s solution for managing customer relationships, now completely redesigned for greater ease of use thanks to the new navigation system designed for touch devices.

Use Dynamics CRM Online to improve corporate productivity and customer service

Dynamics CRM Online is a service based on Cloud technology that combines Office applications with CRM services.

Dynamics CRM Online is offered as a “pay-as-you-go” service, with clear pricing based on the number of users (which means that you only pay for what you use) and a Service Level Agreement (SLA) .

Benefits of Dynamics CRM

through targeted marketing campaigns

by providing a timely, high quality, and personal service

accessing key information more quickly and with many tools available

focusing on the right opportunities to help close deals more quickly and move forward with new goals

with workflows that enable time savings thanks to an intuitive structure that is easy to design and implement

with a platform that can rapidly scale up or down to meet current business needs

Advantages of Dynamics CRM

Simplified management of users, even from mobile devices

Constant monitoring of applications and easy maintenance

Flexible configuration templates

Networking with BringTech

Innovative digital solutions that are always up to date help companies reorganise by implementing new processes and collaborations to streamline workflows and increase the productivity of employees and contractors.

BringTech creates value, strengthening businesses, providing services and solutions of the highest level based on Microsoft technologies, built around the real needs of individual companies.

The goal is always to obtain best return on investment and effective simplification of workflows.

Cloud solutions adopted by firms in Italy

SaaS 43%
IaaS 35%
PaaS 22%