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Sharepoint Online

SharePoint Online is a powerful component of Office 365, which provides companies with the ability to create intranets, extranets and unique collaboration solutions.
SharePoint Online offers all the powerful features of SharePoint, preventing the overload that results in local management of the infrastructure.
SharePoint can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of the Office 365 suite.
In this case you also get access to Exchange, Lync, Office clients and the Office web apps.

SharePoint today, the new Intranet.

Fifteen years ago, when the internal use of web technologies had become very widespread, the corporate intranet was just a simple site for the transmission of top-down communication to employees.

Today the company intranet is an essential tool for solving a wide range of business needs.

The SharePoint intranet solutions BringTech creates enable companies and their employees to:

  • Communicate information (news, announcements, policies and procedures)
  • Collaborate on activities and projects (project sites, portals, wikis and forums)
  • Automate processes (approval, monitoring, expenses and demands)
  • Analyse data (KPIs, scorecards, reports, and dashboards)

Benefits of SharePoint

increasing the visibility of the management activities and encouraging staff to identify with key initiatives.

also encourage creation and distribution of content through blogs and wikis.

ensuring all are represented and involved in the management of work.

centralising key information (such as policies and procedures) that employees require on a regular basis.

the best advertising is made by your own employees being satisfied with the working methods. This attracts people with high quality profiles and skills to the company.

Advantages of intranets created with SharePoint.

No code

Editing tools familiar to non-technical content authors

Simplified approach

Uses master pages and CSS

Creation of team sites

Publication of news and updates for each department

Controlled workflows

Control over the release of new content


Content relevant to different users and groups

Creation of blogs

Sharing of opinions and feedback from colleagues

Targeted content. Benefits of a SharePoint Extranet

BringTech also creates secure platforms for external collaboration.

Extranet systems can be seen as the natural evolution of Intranet systems because they extend the same benefits of internal productivity (advanced communications, collaboration, process management and business intelligence) to external relations.

The specific purpose for which they are constructed – the benefits and feature set of an extranet system – depend on the external user group targeted.

SharePoint Extranet for Customers

Customers expect increasingly high levels of service.
Automating this service, if possible, is essential.
An extranet that can provide a central self-service area for customers where they can find relevant information, ask for help, raise questions, offer feedback, and generally interact with the brand or the company, is important.

SharePoint Extranet for Suppliers

Better communication between buyers and suppliers can increase efficiency for both parties. From the point of view of a supplier, an extranet can provide visibility of demand to inform the management of the warehouse. From the point of view of a buyer, an extranet can provide self-service purchasing and management of payments.

SharePoint Extranet for Partners

Sharing up-to-date strategic information and collaborating on joint projects allows partners to stay informed and ahead of the competition.
An extranet that can provide a secure, single point of contact for external communication and collaboration with trusted business partners is crucial today.

Networking with BringTech

Innovative, up-to-date digital solutions that help companies reorganise by implementing new processes and collaborations to streamline workflows and increase the productivity of employees and contractors.

BringTech creates value, strengthening businesses, providing services and solutions of the highest level based on Microsoft technologies, built around the real needs of individual companies.

The goal is always to obtain the best return on investment and effective simplification of workflows.

Determining factors in choosing a cloud solution

Security 75%
Simplicity 74%
Business Continuity 72%