BringTech creates Digital Solutions for companies, based on Microsoft technologies.

Innovative digital solutions that are always up to date help companies reorganise by implementing new processes and collaborations to streamline workflows and increase the productivity of  employees and contractors.


BringTech creates value, strengthening businesses, providing services and solutions of the highest level based on Microsoft technologies, built around the real needs of individual companies. The goal is always to obtain best return on investment and effective simplification of workflows.

BringTech, we bring your business into the Cloud.

BringTech brings companies into the Cloud, by formulating strategies and implementing systems and platforms that help businesses and their employees to reorganise, communicate, collaborate, and perform.

Technologies such as SharePoint, Office 365, Windows Azure, Windows Phone, Windows Intune and Dynamics CRM enable companies and their employees and collaborators, wherever they are, to network.

Thanks to our consultants we can develop targeted projects, applying our expertise and specialist knowledge.

Macro Web Media’s BringTech division is a Microsoft Microsoft Cloud Service Provider and Microsoft Cloud Accelerator.

Since 2009 the company has provided its customers with tailor-made licenses for Microsoft’s SaaS offerings – Software as a Service.


Today, our work is digital. Even the workplace is increasingly digital.

BringTech was born for this: to build working solutions that increase employee productivity,  improve brand  visibility and create opportunities for  multi-channel business.

BringTech combines  creative and technical  ability that help exploit the possibilities  offered by the Cloud today. Cutting edge design and technical excellence: these are the factors that we put in all our client projects because the goal is to create solutions that can change the way people work.

Each project is based on a strategy focused on the results you want to achieve.

Our skills