Windows Intune

Secure updates

Windows Intune is a client management solution that includes integrated cloud-based tools, reports, and upgrade licenses for the most recent version of Windows.
By using Windows Intune, you can keep your computer up to date and secure.
Intune also allows you to manage your mobile devices on the network using Exchange ActiveSync, or directly through Windows Intune, while offering versatile management functionality for iOS, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Advantages of Windows Intune

Central management of the distribution of Microsoft updates and service packs that are chosen for all the PC directly from the Windows Intune console.

Receive alerts on updates and possible threats in order to proactively identify problems and solve them quickly

Dedicated inventory of hardware and software used in the company so that you can efficiently manage resources, licensing and compliance of the products.

Centralised PC protection built on the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine.

PC troubleshooting, no matter where users are located, thanks to remote assistance

Centralised management of updates, firewall and security settings for all PCs, even on remote machines outside the corporate network

Advantages of Windows Intune

Low maintenance costs

The Windows Intune cloud service is hosted by Microsoft. No overhead for maintaining an on-site management server for PCs and software

Regular updates

Receive all new features and updates to Windows Intune and Windows operating system automatically

Easy billing

Windows Intune supports a clear and predictable monthly payments cycle

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Why use a Cloud server?

Web server/Hosting 59%
Repository/Storage 55%
Application server 41%
DB Server 34%
Test 22%